Hummer EV. This is ridiculous, but I wish I had one…

Billions of heat dome victims

Throw away your gun - Prince Far I 🎵

I got Mandela, Snappy, N.K. and Eggis a bed from IKEA.

Mandela with her new bed

Band name idea💡 : Corporate Memphis.

I think it sounds like Phil Lynott sings “There’s Whiskey in the _gyro_”…

Var der i 2000. @ajennische

Stockholm City Hall


AuREUS Aurora Renewable Energy UV Sequestration

This sounds very promising! AuREUS Aurora Renewable Energy UV Sequestration - James Dyson Award

AUREUS: AURORA RENEWABLE ENERGY & UV SEQUESTRATION The AuREUS system is an evolution for walls/windows, and uses technology synthesized from upcycled crop waste to absorb stray UV light from sunlight and convert it to clean renewable electricity.

Whisper your great thing.

Hobo Mojo. Trip to the post office.

@odd near the post office

I find that E=mc²+1.

Hillsong United - Wonder 🎵

Hillsong United Wonder album

Echos hypnotiques - Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou 🎵

Echos hypnotiques album

A Dog Day Afternoon

“Well, I woke up Sunday morning, with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt.”

That was me this morning. Not from partying last night, but the heat, and meds, I guess… It’s better now. Not good, but better.

Now it’s a dog day afternoon, and it’s 29°C(84.2°F) in here. Attire: not very much, lying in bed with the fan on. My biggest fan. 😉

TMI: RSS feed groomed. Stripped out all the Swift/iOS development blogs, and some others that hadn’t been updated in years. It’s about 20-30% slimmer now.

“Let the market fix it”

Space. It’s big.

If you don’t already know… Pegasus Project: Apple iPhones compromised by NSO spyware - Amnesty International

The Apple Feedback pages are now with responsive design.

The corona virus is on a high. It sees this as a winning game, and it could be right. Think about it. It may have been in the ground in a little square foot for millennia, and now it finally gets the opportunity to roam free. If we could see it’s next step. 🦠🧪👩🏻‍⚕️

Hillsong United - Top Albums 🎵

Finishing projects is part of what it means to deliver high quality work. It’s not high quality if your perfectionism prevents you from finishing.

— James Clear

3-2-1 Thursday

Virtual vacation:📍 Monsanto Forest Park, Lisboa

Kan man tenne på grillkull med Max Smekker?🤔

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