Mandela Kirsebær among friends. #mbaug

I’m holding off iOS 14 until the public release this year. It’ll be a month to wait, but I’m not doing any development, so it’ll be fine, and I won’t be on the always-getting-betas program. Will it be September 14, maybe? 🤔

POLITILOGGEN TRØNDELAG 13. august 2020 kl. 12:12 Okse på rømmen En okse har rømt fra slakteriet på Røros og har satt kursen mot sentrum. Flere er nå på jakt etter dyret som sist er sett ved helsehuset.

Der ropte han “Hjelp, jeg trenger bandasjer!”

Fiery clouds over Oslo, the summer of 2002. Straight - No Filter #mbaug

🐄🐄🐄 Car! 🚗

«Markens Grøde» / «Growth of the Soil»

Maybe I’ll read it this year. 100 years since it was a Nobel Literature Prize Winner.

Ullernchausseen er et så forvirrende ord å uttale, at fra nå av kommer jeg til bare å kalle det Ullern-Sachsenhausen.

Mens sana in corpore sano.

A sound mind in a healthy body OR (…in the body of Kano). #mbaug

That’s of course just by the 0°/0° lat/long. xkcd: 26-Second Pulse

A couple of nice face mask photos (from Unsplash)

Face mask picture 1

Face mask picture 1

Today is the International Youth Day 2020. Somehow that doesn’t make me feel any younger… 👴🏻 (Waves with cane)

Zion - Hillsong 🎵

Road rage

This was my form of transportation many years ago. #mbaug

Mandela Kirsebær looking out the window at the Slussen area, Stockholm, 2000. #mbaug

Yabaal - Dur-Dur Band

I remember - Julee Cruise 🎵

Black and white, Ekeberg, Oslo, 2000. Miss that iron horse. #mbaug

Troublesome nicknames for NASA

Nasa to change ‘harmful’ and discriminatory planet and galaxy nicknames

What I’d like to see in music streaming apps is a simple Music Query Language. Making your own playlists in a minute.


Author James Nash dies after Hampshire shooting

The view from the roof of a building in Stockholm, 2000. #mbaug

The view from the roof of a building in Stockholm, 2000.

Daytripping to Lübeck, 2006. #mbaug

Marzipan Café, Lübeck.

¯\(ツ)/¯ Test…