Without chemicals, I point.

I won’t be watching the inauguration today, but I just had the thought that it would be cool if everyone there had stormtroopers masks, except Biden and Harris, that would have Vader masks. Maybe it would fuel some conspiracy theories though…

Revisiting an old favourite: Fear of a Black Planet - Public Enemy (1990) 🎵

If you live in the US and can point your VPN to Norway, please consider watching “Deeyah Khan: Meeting the Enemy”. tv.nrk.no

Dolly is 75 today, and she’s still going strong. I watched the Oprah interview with her on Apple TV+ a couple of weeks ago, and do recommend it.

I miss the block cursor…

Was opening Micro.Blog to get the warm glow of good hearts, but instead I was challenged by these posts: blog.grotenhuis.info …and: jakelacaze.com

I think I like it.

We have all the time in the world * - Louis Armstrong 🎵

Lyrics 💬

(*) Not to fix climate, I’m afraid… 🏝

Are James Bond movies geezer-movies? (Asking for myself)

BBC has edited the headline now @adoran2 , but still not clear.

The greatest part of this song is the last 1:46 mins You Came to Me - Beach House 🎵

27 January is the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust (A/RES/60/7) The Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme

Tears in the Typing Pool - Broadcast 🎵

Basement - Real Estate 🎵

Kaimana Hila The Hawaiian Music Group 🎵🏝

Word on the street is SLOW.

My second year in the photo “challenge”, here with Mum. #52years

I’ll follow @dejus example, and post a picture from my first year. Here with Mimmi. #52years

Hip Hop 401 by Chap Konrad 🎵 (YouTube)

Recommended: cheribaker.com

Kat Voyzey Flash Sale

From kottke.org

Sisters with Transistors: Electronic Music’s Unsung Heroines

Product idea: Ninja Moon🌙

Stowed away the Christmas decorations today. 🎄

Made with Maiku, not by @maique , but by @Matty8r

MY FIRST HAIKU how does this work huh? I believe it’s like this, right? maybe I’m wrong still.

Changed profile picture to look 7 years younger and slightly less footsome.*

(*) Not less than the recent avatar, but the less recent profile picture.