Keeping it Integer

25 Sep 2021



24 Sep 2021

What’s the best, or most memorable opening line of a book you’ve read? 📚

Mine, (most memorable) is: «Nattoget nordfra kom dampende inn på stasjonen». ~ «The southbound night train came steaming into the station».

24 Sep 2021

As a layperson I lay all the time.

21 Sep 2021

Sold my Fender P-bass today. I didn’t use it like I thought I was going to, so clutter out, money in.🧹💰

21 Sep 2021

Autumn/fall colors/colours starting to show.

Picture of trees starting to be yellow and red.

20 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021

Listening to Suicidal Tendencies’ 1988 album “How will I laugh tomorrow…”. 🎵

Suicidal Tendencies album "How will I laugh tomorrow…"

18 Sep 2021

I would love to have Tyrells robe, only in 4XL.

18 Sep 2021

Listening to Funkadelic. Didn’t know George Clinton was behind it before now. The instrumental version of “Music for My Mother” is my favorite track. 🎵

Funkadelic album cover

15 Sep 2021

Have anyone imported a hosted Micro.Blog blog into Day One yet, in that case, how? @help

14 Sep 2021

I find myself frequently opening up the IMDB app to search for something, only to find the search field two taps away, looking at something else and by the time I get there I’ve forgotten what I was going to search for.🤷🏻‍♂️

14 Sep 2021

Still on 14…

13 Sep 2021

We don’t get cool stickers when we vote, so I made my own just now…

I VOTED self-made sticker

12 Sep 2021

Had a look at @Sunlit again, and I can’t understand why all mentions are there, and not only from conversations from a photo you posted… App looks more polished than ever now though.

10 Sep 2021

Walking a dog.

10 Sep 2021

Kjempeflått! Absurdgalleriet

09 Sep 2021

No paws left behind

08 Sep 2021

Some assorted band names I made up recently

  • Svarti dauði
  • Hostile Makeover
  • On whom the belle’s told
  • Ill, I noise.
  • Fabella
  • Kabul International Airport
  • Märtha-Berta
  • Señor Cityzeño
  • Attention Spam
  • Överhead
07 Sep 2021
07 Sep 2021
07 Sep 2021

Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen 🎵💃🕺(YouTube)

07 Sep 2021

Walter White would have been 63 today.

06 Sep 2021

In less than two years it will be 40 years since Metallica’s debut album were released. That’s ⅔ of the time elapsed since The Beatles’ debut album were released! 🤯

05 Sep 2021

I wonder how remote a remote worker could be. 🤔

05 Sep 2021

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