Keeping it Integer

22 Nov 2019

The Hum


As soon as evening came, there also came the hum. I had started to hear it first when we moved out here, in the countryside.

I told my brother, he couldn’t hear it. “How can you not hear it?”, I asked. He just shook his head.

One day, I went down into the cellar to “borrow” some cookies that was in a tin, and just there; I heard a hum again.

It came from the room with the hot water heater. I opened the door, and I could sense a strange smell. As I turned on the light, I saw it - beside the hot water heater there was a hot plate and a big metallic can, and over the can, there was a wide copper pipe, with spiraling, thinner copper pipe coming from the top down… And drops went plop-plop from the smaller pipe and into a jar.

I quickly jumped out, shut the door, forgot about the cookies, and ran upstairs to tell mum about the thing I saw.

“Oh, it’s just daddy’s little hobby!”, she said. He’s borrowing it from the neighbors, but he’ll be taken it back tonight.

After brushing my teeth that night, I went upstairs to my room, and just soon as I’ve laid down on my bed, I heard some clanking sounds, and some swearing, and I jumped out of bed, and through my window I could see my dad carrying that apparatus over to the neighbors.

I soon fell asleep after that, but I had a strange dream, and woke up in the middle of night, and there it was again… The Hum.

(mbnov) 2019-11-22