Keeping it Integer

29 Nov 2019

Fantastic (Microblogvember 29)


She was sweating under her black ski mask, and took it off, one hand on the wheel. Her heart was really pumping now. The gun lay in the passenger seat, still hot.

Suddenly, red and blue flashes in the rear view mirror. She grabbed the gun quickly, and put it under her thighs. Then threw the ski mask on the passenger side floor. With the sleeve of her jacket, she wiped off the sweat on her face, then ran her fingers through her hair, as she slowed down and pulled over to the curb.

As she sat and waited for the cop to come over to her car, she turned off the ignition, and took several deep breaths.

She could see a flashlight dancing back and forth in the side mirror, and then the cop were right there. She opened the side window, and smiled her best smile. “Good evening, officer, have I done something wrong?”

“I’ve been following you for about three miles now…”, the policeman said, “…and it strikes me that there’s something special about you”, he continued. Chills went down her spine.

“You know, there’s a lot of bad drivers out there, but you signal at the right places, you keep the speed limit, yeah, even out here, and you stop when you’re meant to…”.

She was waiting for the “but”.

“So, I’d like to give you this bumper sticker…”, he said with a smile, as he handed her the sticker.

“Thank you, officer!”, she said with a big smile, not looking at the sticker.

“Safe travels now!”, he concluded, put his hand up to his hat, and went back to his car, and drove off into the night.

She sat there, like she’d been hit with a ton of bricks.

She finally looked at the sticker, and it read:


(mbnov) 2019-11-29