Keeping it Integer

02 Jan 2020

iTunes Store regions 🙄

Ok, so I saw @danielpunkass talking about General Magic, and I wanted to watch it. I searched the net, and found links to Google Play and YouTube where I could watch it (for $$). I didn’t want to use those, so I looked further, and found the official site for the movie. There I found a link to iTunes, and I was asked if I wanted to change store. I wanted to watch the movie, so I guess I did.

Then I realized I had changed stores to the US store! I didn’t want that, so I searched the net again to find out how to change it back. Ok, go to App Store and iTunes and choose Apple ID and you can choose region. I tried. But I was told I had to stop my iCloud music library subscription, and wait until it expired)! Luckily for me it expires in less than two weeks, but imagine if it were 364 days!