Is Old Music Killing New Music? - The Atlantic

Natty Never Get Weary - Culture 🎵🦁🇪🇹

Because of insights from the book Four Thousand Weeks, that I’m currently reading, I’ve moved several books from Currently Reading to Want to Read. Now only three books are in the Currently Reading shelf.📚

Week 3/52: Mother/daughter lamp, with accidental fingers.

Look at that screen. Doesn’t it look nice? @skoobz It was my favorite phone.*

*) Apart from the syncing, and inconsistent beveling and embossing.

Now that we finally have widgets on iOS, maybe it’s time we could have both iOS 6 and iOS 7 aesthetics. Maybe not.

It shouldn’t be called asbestos, but asworstos.

Why ‘Frasier’ Is Peak Comfort Television - The Atlantic

Australia have some strange place names.

Eponis-Sinope “Everything is Awful…“ på Norsk - Takk til Google Translate


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